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The Texas City Hamfest was rewarding, though not too profitable. I spent more than I took in, but picked up a few items I needed. I bought a roll of RG-58 to build some antennas with, as well as an antenna tuner to go with the IC-7000 in the mobile. Still looking for the perfect mobile antenna...

I used the free time this month to put up a few more IsoCat kits, as well as build one for sale. I'm planning on having a few built by the end of summer. Check back, I'll announce availability as soon as I get them built and tested.

I worked up a schematic to use the IsoCat with Yaesu (-817, -857, -897) transceivers. It is posted on the website, but as I don't have a Yaesu to test with, it is 'beta test' until I get confirmation that it works as planned.

A new project is on the drawing board. I should have prototypes running by the end of September and if all goes well, product should be available for shipment by mid-November.

We're heading to Austin on August 3 and 4. Hope to see you there.