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International orders require extra time and effort on my part to ship. Because of this, I charge an additional 15% International shipping fee. This total applies to the entire order - merchandise + shipping/handling.

International buyers are responsible for preparing and forwarding any necessary customs and import documentation required by your country. This means that if there are documents that are required for entry into your country that must accompany the shipment, you must prepare and send those documents to me.The only document that I complete for international shipments is the customs declaration required by the U.S. Post Office.

International buyers are responsible for compliance with all local product and shipping regulations, duties, and taxes.

I list the prices shown for each product on all customs and shipping documents. I do not ship to any prohibited countries or ship any prohibited items. I do not ship international orders to intermediate points in the US for shipment to other countries.

NOTE: To avoid unnecessary shipping delays, all international buyers must contact me first to determine if I can ship to your location and to determine total shipping cost. Shipping rates change frequently.

I do not make money on the shipping, but I cannot lose money either. The shipping total reflects my actual expenses to pack the order, pay the delivery agent, and deliver the shipment to the shipping point.