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This list was current in 2007 - contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire if any or all of the items listed are still available. As of October 2023, I do have a couple of completed interfaces with cables that are available at a substantial discount.

  • Board - no parts installed- $10

IsoCat board

  • Board w/SMD - SMD parts installed- $20

SMD installed

  • Basic kit - board with all surface mount ICs installed, and all components needed to assemble the board - $80.00

IsoCat basic kit

  • Deluxe kit - basic kit plus cables and enclosure - $100.00

IsoCat deluxe kit

  • 8-pin mini-DIN IsoCat connector - $3.00

8-pin mini-din

  • 13-pin Icom accessory connector - $4.00


  • 2 ea 6-pin, 1ea 8-pin mini-DIN, 1ea 1/8 phone plug (Yaesu connector set) - $10.00