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Summerfest in Austin was a very good show this year. I sold several of the IsoCat kits, and handed out quite a few cards to interested folks. So far, no inquiries but I'm hoping to hear from some of those that took information home.

No more scheduled hamfests this month, but I may make Belton in the fall if time permits. Had a major computer crash on the laptop and am just getting that back up to speed. I also got Ubuntu loaded on the big desktop (finally) with dual monitors working. Took a bit of creative editing of some of the files, but both Linux and XP are on the same machine with all features working in both. Based on what I learned with that effort, the laptop is next!

I'll may be in Brenham in October, and we may go to Corpus this fall. Ham-A-Rama is probably not gonna happen this year, though. Maybe next year. By then, I should be flying again and that would make it a much more practical trip.

With all that has been going on this summer, work on the latest project has been slower than I wanted it to be. We're taking a short vacation later this year, so maybe I'll be able to finish up the last few bits and get it ready to go to the board shop when I get back.

What is it, you ask. Check back - it is mostly surface mount, is based on previous projects, and will probably be offered as a completed unit. Oh, yea - if you have Icom or Yaesu radios, you probably need one!