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I didn't get to go to any of the shows last fall, and missed Belton due to family commitments. Not looking so good for HamCom either. Probably the next show will be Summerfest in August. This depends on whether our newest grandchild sticks to his/her arrival prediction.

I have been busy trying to work the kinks out of a way to produce completed IsoCats for sale, but not having a lot of success in keeping it economical and efficient. I am nearing completion on several units for the next show, however.

I also have a new product in the wings and hope to have it ready for sale by the next show. This one won't be a kit, however, as it is all surface mount. I'll build the first batch myself. After that, I am looking at turnkey production houses to get reasonable quantity and keep costs down. More on this exciting new accessory later.

I have also updated the website to make it easier to manage and to prepare it for growth. As I add projects, the website needs to grow with them. I am also considering setting up an interactive area where builders can exchange ideas and submit questions.