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Though very little activity has been evident on the Projects website, N5BIA has been active in other areas. I retired this year, and looking back, I have no idea how I found the time to hold a full-time job. I have renewed an old interest in photography and have spent quite a bit of time refreshing old knowledge and acquiring new skills. We have also taken a couple of extended trips - one to Port Aransas and the Aransas NWR and another to Tucson, AZ and San Diego, CA. Unfortunately, neither trip coincided with a hamfest.

We did go to HamCom this year, a trip that proved more expensive than planned - I came home with a full set of PowerPole crimpers and an FT-817ND. Neither acquisition was planned, they just followed me home. Just like the border collie did in grade school. Honest.

We also had a major upgrade in the transportation department. Of course, this necessitated moving the ham gear to the new vehicle. This took some planning and the fabrication of a new antenna installation. More details to follow - I'm working on getting the installation details published.s

The IsoCat is still alive and well - in fact, I've developed a couple of modifications and an improved cabling arrangement for use with Yaesu transceivers. The details are being made available here as soon as I have them fully documented. I have kits in stock for immediate shipment. I am now also entertaining requests to provide assembly services in limited circumstances. For the present, these services are available to hams who are physically unable to assemble t he kits. Prices are available by quote only.

I am now offering photographer's bean bags. Many photographers use these as an impromptu tripod - set one down, position the camera and fire away. These are especially useful for hikers or when visiting a drive-through animal park. They are small enough and light enough (~ 2 lbs.) that they fit in most camera bags without adding too much weight. Unlike many home-brew beanbags, they do not actually contain beans so they don't grow sprouts, mildew, or start to smell bad if they accidentally get wet.

As of late August, we're planning on being at Belton with product to sell. I'll also have a few other items from the shack that I no longer need. Hope to see you there.