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 The SLA charger kit is discontinued. The supply of circuit boards has been exhausted, and after careful consideration, the cost of producing more boards vs. current demand does not justify the expense.

I am leaving the documentation available to the community, though I don't know how much longer the UC3906 will remain available. It is a relatively old part, having been introduced over 20 years ago. Thanks to all who purchased the charger, I trust it will continue to meet your needs.

Kits include all board-mounted components, but do not include the enclosure, heatsink, power transformer, or power pack. The charger may be completed so that it is powered from the AC mains through a transformer or from a laptop power pack.

  • 2A kit - board with all components - $39.00
  • 1A kit - board with all components - $37.00
  • 0.5A kit - board with all components - $37.00
  • Board - bare board, no components - $10.00