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Projects by N5BIA website is taking a new direction. I am leaving prior project documentation in place for reference, as well as continuing to offer existing stock for sale. I have a couple of the IsoCat assembled and tested, ready for shipment. Send me an email and I’ll get back with available stock and prices. 

The new direction I am taking is to place the project description and documentation, parts lists, and schematics here on the website. I will attempt to provide links to a source for pc boards to enable individual or group builds. In most cases, you will be able to order one or more of the boards through OshPark. Where possible, the parts lists will list the manufacturers part number as well as DigiKey and Mouser part numbers. 

I am taking this direction because I cannot afford to tie up the resources necessary to purchase and stock the parts to be able to price the products competitively, especially in light of current market conditions. There is no way I can compete with the mass produced options from overseas, particularity China. This is especially true when all some small operator can 'appropriate' a design with no investment other than a bit of web surfing.

I still enjoy the engineering challenges, and plan to continue designing and building as a means of giving back to the ham community, I am retired from the workforce as of 2011, living comfortably, and working on things that are of interest to me. I hope you find something here that is useful as you grow and learn radio and electronics.